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Canadian University (C.U.) continues to welcome students entering 2024 to the institution nationwide

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  • Canadian University was founded on the principle that by pursuing academic freedom we also enable students internationally based on practical studies developed with foreign partners. Therefore Canadian University offers non-RVOE approved university-specific programmes to international students in line with Article 59 of the Mexican General Law on Education and Article 75 of the General Law on Higher Education..

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  • The original board of regents laid the groundwork for what is now Canadian University, when the group gathered to hold the University's first board meeting where the organic law was drafted. This guiding document outlined what the regents believed would build an enduring legacy, namely a commitment to offering a rigorous academic program along North American standards, and to incorporate Christian values like promoting equal educational opportunities for students of all sexes and colours and from all walks of life. The university is also supposed to lean educationally on Commonwealth standards as in use in the Canadian higher education system. An initial generous pledge of financial support by Canadian Baptist Churches helped to establish our university in Mexico..

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  • The University's vice president Christopher Smith, envisions a university that would function nationally mainly as a graduate college and to internationally seek cooperation with the tertiary educational sector in order to implement university-specific study and research programs. Therefore, the Canadian University quickly became a national leader in higher college education and research. Internationally, we pride ourselves to be a faculty of scholars unafraid to cross boundaries, ask the difficult questions and to work in tandem with real life industries to promote careers. After joining Canadian University, Vice President Smith voiced his vision for the CU at the first faculty meeting as follows: "The question before us is how to become one in spirit, not necessarily in opinion." The University's commitment to answering these questions continues to guide it today and the academic freedom as articulated in the General Education law Article 59 enables our tailored university-specific programs.

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Oxford Certificate

Watch the video to learn more about Oxford Certificate at Canadian University

The Oxford Tutorial College Certificate is an official English certification endorsed by the Common European Framework of Reference, it qualifies the 5 language skills: use of English, written expression, listening comprehension, reading expression and oral expression, at basic, intermediate and advanced. The certification process includes 3 tests: diagnosis, detects the candidate's initial level. Mook, check the level that was obtained in the diagnosis. Certification, endorses and certifies the 5 English language skills.

Likewise, students can be certified in the English language endorsed by the University of Cambridge England, at different levels according to their age and knowledge.



First C


Oxford Certicate at Canadian University

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